Telugu beauty Anjali is eagerly waiting for Sankranthi festival. Along with festival, her movie with Balakrishna – Dictator is getting set for release. At present Anjali is busy in Dictator promotions and have shared few of her personal details. There are many rumours that she will be getting married to Anchor Omkar who recently became director. When Anjali was asked about this she said she is hearing this for the first time and it is shocking. Anjali said she did not meet Omkar till now. She said she did not understand how such rumours come. She said when that rumours came she was in abroad and she could not respond immediately on it. Then when Anjali was asked about Shankarabharanam movie’s flop, she said she was happy. Though the movie disappointed, the small role which she played gave her satisfaction. She was praised by many for her performance. She said at present her focus is on Dictator movie. Anjali said her family disputes are also solved, and she is happy.

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