Many people are still in a doubt if Young Tiger is coming for Sankranthi or not. Hero- Director- Producer have made it clear with their posters that it is for  Sankranthi Release. But still few people have doubt because censor report has not yet come. But, now this movie’s censor report is also ready. The censor board members who watched this movie certified this movie with U/A certificate. With this the movie has a clear route for its release on 13th. Pongal fight is going to be tough. This movie is totally based on sentiment. By seeing promos- teasers- trailers it is clear that the movie is carrying full length emotions. But, people are surprised why it is certified with U/A. Though Rakul is seen in this movie as heroine, she is not seen in too glamorous role. But, it is not known why U/A is certified, whether it is because of action scenes or emotional dialogues. On other hand there is a talk that the length of the movie is long, and they may edit few scenes from it. As the movie is certified, now the unit may decide what to edit and what to not. As there is just one day left for release, they may not be taking risk.

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