Cast: Balakrishna, Anjali, Sonal Chauhan, Rithi Agnihotri, Kabhir Khan, Nazar, Pruthvi, Suman, Posani Krishna Murali etc.,

Background score: Chinna

Music: Thaman

Cinamatography: Shayam.K.Naidu

Screenplay-Story- Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan
Producers: Eros International, Vedhaaswa Creations

Direction: Sriwass
Balakrishna entered into theatres as Dictator. Let’s see how the famous writers and director screened this movie.


Chandu (Balakrishna) will be staying in his uncle’s house in Hyderabad and will be working as supervisor in Supermarket. His wife will be staying in Delhi. In super market Indu(Sonal Chauhan) will be introduced to him, and she will be in troubles. To save her, Chandu will kill Minister’s son and his gang. With this Police will get ready to encounter Chandu. Then they will know Chandu’s identity. The story runs around who is Chandu?? What was his past and what is his wife doing in Delhi?

Story Analysis:

Sriwass will be screening routine stories in a way which will be attracting mass audience. Even Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan belong to same category. They gave super hit movie Loukhyam which had the routine story.  With that confidence they again selected routine story and screened Dictator. But, they did not offer anything new. With the heroism which mass people like and with powerful punch dialogues, comedy in few scenes, heroine’s glamour all this was mixed and screened as Dictator.

Hero will be leading a life as a normal person, trying to solve a problem he will fall in troubles. Villains will try to kill him and then they will know his past. In that past Hero is a terror for villains. In the ending of his past, he will give a word to his family that he will lead a normal life. So, after that he will lead a simple life. This resembles the story of Baasha and many movies came with this concept. Now, Dictator can also be added in this category. There is nothing new in the movie. But, right from Trailer they prepared audience with routine movie, so they there will be nothing to complain about this. Balakrishna’s heroism is highlight for the movie. Audience will be waiting to see Balakrishna in action scenes as he will be shown as a simple person in the beginning. So to pass time till that time, director created super market and included few comedians in his script. With the help of Sonal Chauhan they showered glamour.

Though comedy did not work properly, Sonal attracted with her glamour. Balakrishna’s heroism is seen in his fights and with his dialogues he attracted audience. Interval bang was also attractive.

In second half flash back, Balakrishna is seen powerful. This part is went as per the audience expectation. The scene between Balakrishna and Rathi was good. His heroism was elevated in this scene. After flash back ends, forcibly a song was played and with routine climax the movie ends. Overall Balakrishna’s fans will enjoy this movie. Even mass audience will get connected easily. As the movie runs around Balakrishna there was no much scope for comedy. They did not use Pruthivi properly. If they have focused on comedy, it might have reached more people.

Cast Performance:

Balakrishna rocked with his punch dialogues in his own style. Mass audience got connected to his character. Balakrishna’s get up as Chandra Shekhar Dharma was good. In first half they did not focus on Balakrishna’s makeup properly. In first character he was seen fat and then he worked hard for fights and dance. Sonal Chauhan was seen glamorous in Whatsup baby song. She did not have anything else except this. There was no chance for Anjali to show her talent, but till her role she did well. Rathi Agnihotri’s role had good impact. Her son in law who was a villain was a bit different. Nazar, Suman, Pruthivi and all other did well till their roles. There were more characters in the movie.

Technical Team:

Thaman’s songs were good. Whatsapp baby and Chara Chara songs attracted. Cinna’s background score was perfect. Shayam.K.Naidu’s Cinamatography was ok. There was nothing new in Kona- Gopi’s story. May be we cannot expect anything new from them. Ratman focused on punch dialogues which attracted mass audience. There were many dialogues which were not needed. Sirwass did well even though it was a routine movie, but the question is why he have chosen this story. As Sriwass was a producer, the movie looked rich. Over all Dictator- Routine mass entertainer.

Rating: 2.75/5

Dictator Movie Review and Rating