Cast: Sharwanand, Surabhi, Prabhas Sreenu, Sapthagiri, Orvasi, Harish Utham, Supreeth, Bramhaji, Shakalaka Shankar, Dhan Raj, Naganeedu, Posani Krishna Murali, etc.,

Cinematography- Kartheek

Music- Praveen Lakkaraju

Producer- Vamsi Pramod

Story-Screen Play- Direction- Merlapaka Gandhi

Though three big movies are in Sankrathi race “Express Raja” entered. This shows the confidence what the makes have on this movie. Let’s see how far this movie entertains audience.


Raja (Sharwanand) stays with his uncle Sreenu (Prabhas Sreenu) in Vizag and enjoys his life, without any responsibility. Raja does not listen to his father’s words. Raja will move to Hyderabad as his father’s friend offers him a job. But, after reaching Hyderabad Raja will not work and roam with Amulya (Surabhi). At first she hates him and then fall in his love. Raja hates dogs and he calls municipality people and then hands over Amulya’s favorite dogs. With this Amulya leaves him. How will Raja bring his girlfriend’s favourite puppy?? Where will the story land after revolving around the dog?? Watch it on big screen.

Story Analysis:

It looks silly to know that the story is turning around a dog. But this is the magic in the movie. In his first movie Venkatadhri Express also Gandhi selected small concept and added nice scenes making it interesting. Now, for his second movie he added direction talent to his pen. He expressed that his screenplay was similar to Hollywood movie, Vantage point. Screening the movie in a way which will be liked by local people is the speciality of in this movie. Previously in Telugu few movies came in which different characters are screened differently and at last all these characters meet at a point in the movie. But, Express Raja movie’s screenplay is different. At beginning they will show a situation and this situation will have its influence on many characters. As the story moves, each character which is effected is shown. Then everyone will be back of hero and finally everyone will meet at a point. In this process comedy will be shown. This way Express Raja will be running. Taking screenplay technique from Hollywood does not fetch success, but Gandhi showed is image here. With a small point running a movie for two and half hours attracted. In his first movie he entertained audience with different characters and this time also he followed the same technique. In this movie for every 15minutes a new character will be entering and he entertained audience. Every character was used at last Dhan Raj’s small character was also important. He will be stealing steel and his character will be used for twisting the story. With his character the movie will end with comedy. When magic works no one will bother about logic. Express Raja movie proves this. Truly speaking, in this movie all the crucial scenes are mainly based on the characters which are effected by hero. They all come in his journey automatically, where logic does not exist. There are many co-incidences in the movie. Leaving a dog with 75 crores worth diamond in its neck is also illogical. There are many things where logic is not there in the movie. But, every scene had comedy and entertained audience, so there was no time to think about comedy.

Gandhi, used every character properly and made his script and tried to entertain. Mixing Express Raja and Run Raja Run, he made his script in such a way that he could show the pepper from both the movies. Like in Run Raja Run, he used Villain character for comedy.

Without using any vulgar language, he attracted youth with clean entertainment.

He received complete support from his cast. Every one acted at perfect timing. First half runs with funny one line. Second half was with chases and twists. First half was entertaining and moved fast than second half. At a point we feel movie was paused in second half. But, before climax the story was back to form. Ending was also funny.  Hero and heroine love story, and the chemistry between them did not work properly, which was a minus for the movie. In second half, comedy did not work much. In many scenes logic was not there and many coincidences were seen. Gandhi’s comedy was connected to A class audience, but mass audience might have not connected much. Except for this there are no other minus in this movie.

Cast Performance:

In Run Raja Run Sharwananad tuned himself and was seen in a new look. In this movie, he was even more better than that. His action was so effortless that even we involve in his character and continue our journey. With one movie, he tuned himself for entertaining role and this was shocking.

He looks and style are so attractive that youth easily gets connected to it. Surabhi was beautiful. She attracted with her performance too. Her character might be used more. Prabhas Sreenu’s comedy was good. His voice was a big plus for him. Sapthagiri entertained in his style after a long time. As usual he created chaos, but along with it he entertained. Supreeth, Orvasi, Brahmaji and others also did well. Each character was attractive.

Technical Cast:

Express Raja technicians also supported well. Praveen Lakkaraju’s music was refreshing.

All the songs were rocking. He engaged well with his background score too. Kartheek’s cinematography was a special attraction for the movie. He gave vibrant looks for  the movie. Editing was also good. Production values were rich as per UV Creations. Every scene gave a look that it’s a quality movie. Director Gandhi proved that he is not a beginner. Both in his script and direction he showed his talent. In Tollywood, along with freshness- comedy was also shown by only few directors and he is one among them now. His narration style is simple and also engaging and interesting. No doubt, this is director’s movie. Ride with Raju is totally funny.

Rating: 3.5/5

Express Raja Movie Review