Cast: ShivaRaj Kumar Sandeep, Bharadwaj , Parul Yada, Yagna Shetty, Sanchari Vijay, Rockline Venkatesh etc.,

Cinematography: Rammy

Music: Ravi Shankar

Dialogues: Shaskank Venelakanti

Producer: Shiva Prakash, Manjunatha, Sudhindra

Screen Play- Direction: Ram Gopal Varma

It is long time that Ram Gopal Varma did a movie upto his range. After Raktha Charithra movie his performance dropped gradually.  RGV’s fans were also afraid to watch his movies. In such situation will he impress his fans with this movie Killing Veerappan or not. This movie is screened taking the operation of killing the smuggler Veerappan. Did he reach his fans expectations or not let up see.


This movie is based on the story, which runs around the operation of Killing the biggest smuggler Veerappan. When the task of killing Veerappan failed, Kannan will get into the operation with his special task force. He fells, they can kill Veerappan only if they can bring him out of the forest and he enters into his team through Covert operation. He tries to bring Veerappan out of the forest through his wife Mutulakshmi. But Veerappan will get to know this plan and spoils this operation. The rest of the story is how Kannan will try again and again and finally attack him.

Story Analysis:

Ram Gopal Varma has a different style in screening movies based on true incidents. He has the talent of screening the story everyone knows in an attractive way. Raktha Charitra is a perfect example. He even screened 26/11 nicely. Varma succeed in screening the movie with that intensity. Whatever movie he screens, he will have that intensity in it and this is the speciality of his movies. He will show his brand in the intensity as well as taking. In Killing Veerappan also his intensity and taking stood as a special attraction.

Varma might have read about this operation in books or enquired police about it and knew many interesting things. He might be excited about this too. Varma tried to visualize the scenes and screened them. He created that excitement. As this is a true story we need not discuss about having more twists or more exciting scenes.  Varma tried to create excitement as much as he can. In the movie, Veerappan’s daughter will die in his hands. In Police’s version they show that Veerappan to escape from Police will hit his daughter to a rock. In Veerappan’s wife’s angle they show that their daughter will die when Veerappan will fall wile a stone hits his leg on his way and falls on his daughter and she will hit the rock. In Veerappan’s tragedy each person has their own angle and he showed this on screen. In reality when, the argument came about this topic, the fact is that Veerappan’s path have killed his daughter. This is the conclusion what the hero gives us in this movie. Varma will be grasping the story related to criminals in a perfect way and this dialogue shows this clearly.

Though the movie runs on the operation of Killing Veerappan, Varma did not show the movie only in one angle. Varma wrote the screen play in such a way that he screened his flash back and show audience about him. Veerappan will express his love to Muthulakshmi and marry her, this scene will be exciting. In that scene one dialogue is good. Varma tried to show other angle of Veerappan through this scene. Attack scene before interval is the highlight. In that scene everything was perfect camera and background score. Varma’s brand will be seen in this scene and in climax scene. Through first half is exciting and second half is not, Varma screened the climax in his own style. Audience are aware of the story and they know what Varma will show them, so there is nothing much to expect.

Audience who liked Varma’s other realistic movies will also like this movie. As this is a Kannada movie, Veerappan kidnapping Raj Kumar have hurt the audience. So Varma highlighted Sivaraj Kumar. The story will be running in his role and in Police Officer’s angle only. With this, Varma could not show much about the activities of Veerappan and his life. This disappointed audience. People don’t know how the operation was completed in reality, so Varma tried to show it excitingly whatever information he gathered.  As this is a true story and it has few limitations, this was not as exciting as regular movies and may not entertain.

The twists in this movie may appear normal. But, once a person gets connected with Varma’s taking this movie will be interesting.

Cast Performance:

Sandeep Bharadwaj did not act in Veerappan’s role, he lived in it. Audience will forget that he is an actor, we see Veerappan on screen. He focused on body language too.  In this aspect credit goes to Sandeep along with Varma, Makeup man Vikram. Shivaraj Kumar also acted well who was in Police officer’s role.  In close up shots Shivaraj Kumar did well. In climax he attracted with his action. Parul Yadav also did well. But, Varma used her more than needed. Though he had to end her character in middle, he focused her along with hero in every scene and irritated audience. Veerappan;s wife Mutulakshmi ‘s role was played by Yagna and she did well. Rest all performed as per Varma’s standard.

Technical team:

Varma takes much support for this kind of movies. Killing Veerappan is technician’s movie. Camera Man and background music were apt for the movie and were awesome. They gave good output for Varma’s thoughts. Scene before interval shows their talent. Songs which were played in background were ok. Production values were good. Varma as a director showed his brand after long time. He proved again that he can screen a story with perfect content. If Varma selects few stories without getting excited for everything it would be better. On the whole, he gets back into fans hearts with his taking.

Rating: 3/5

Killing Veerappan Movie Review :)