In senior hero’s many are in a confusion about the story selection. As the stories are writing keeping young hero’s in view, senior hero’s are in dilemma. But, Nagarjuna is not having that confusion. He will be moulding himself, so that he will be perfect for the script. So, if he concentrates a bit, he will be finding stories. Sometimes, he will be screening two or three movies at a time. But, now he is focusing on his sons. Nagarjuna is saying that now his responsibility is to bring their career on to a track. He is saying that he is having the responsibility of giving a hit to them. After Nag completes his movie, he will focus on his son’s career. Naga Chaitanya had few successful movies in middle. But, from past few movie’s he was facing failures. Akhil failed to succeed in his debut. With this Nag is in an opinion that their career is more important for him. Nagarjuna said, even he faced failures in the beginning of his career, then slowly his career went smoothly. He said his sons will also learn from their failures. He said as it is his responsibility, he is listing stories to give them hits.

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