Movie:Nannaku Prematho

Cast: NTR, Rakul Preet Singh, Rajendra Prasad, Rajeev Kanakala, Avasarala Srinivas etc.,

Cinematography: Vijay.K.Chakravarthi

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Dialogues: Buchibabu, Srinivas, Vikram

Producer: B.V.S.N.Prasad

Story-Screen Play Direction: Sukumar

NTR…Sukumar came with Nannaku Prematho movie, which no one expected. Right from beginning of this movie, it created sensation and today it is released where fans are having huge expectations on this. Lets see how far it could reach audience’s expectations.


Abhiram(NTR) loses his job and then gathers all the people like him and starts a company named KMC. In mean time, he will get to know about his father’s ill health. His father (Rajendra Prasad) will die in one and half month and he will tell Abhiram than Krishna Murthy Jagapathi Babu cheated him and his last wish is to take revenge on him. What will Abhi do to take revenge?? How will he cheat him? Is the remaining story.

Story- Analysis:

Sumukar is one of the most intelligent directors in Tollywood. But, in 1 Nenu Okade his intelligence itself became a trouble. His intelligence,tested audience much. Though this movie got fame, it could not receive audience’s response.  But, Sukumar did not change himself. He did not compromise. He showed his intelligence this time too. With his love towards audience, he tried to come with another movie. But this time he did not twist the story. He did not through puzzles. He selected a simple story. He tried to screen it in his style. In every bit, Sukumar’s brand will be seen and specialty is that NTR was apt for the role.

From day one, Emotion was the only word which was heard with Nannaku Prematho movie. Everyone thought that emotion will be highlight of the movie. But, Intelligence became main attraction for the movie. Than the emotion between father and son, the intelligence mind game between Hero and Villain made the movie strong. May be we might have not seen such mind game and intelligent war before. Sukumar screen a normal story in such a diplomatic way. In Telugu only Sukumar can screen such movies, and his talent was seen from the starting titles till the end scrolling titles.

This time, Sukumar did not create any confusion in the story. Without any flash backs, he directly introduced Hero, Villain and hero’s father. Sukumar revealed the story in first 20 minutes. His task was to entertain audience for the rest of the time and it was a big task. But, Task Master Sukumar succeeded it in his style. His desire to show new things and screen them differently was seen in “ Nannaku Prematho” clearly.  A small moment will also have its effect on its surroundings. For first half the love story between hero heroine is highlight, which is one the concept, everything is interlinked. This type of love track is never expected in commercial movies. With this track first half one hour runs.  Before interval, the scene between hero and villain is super. Sukumar’s talent, NTR-Jagapathi Babu’s acting talent, dialogues all these turned the scene perfect. This scene and the climax scene between Villain and Hero made the flag stand. In second half ups and downs were seen. In few scenes interest will decrease.

In the movie Jagapathi Babu’s role will be introduced and then later will be focused. The way he have dealt with this and his screen play shows that no one can reach him in the style he directs. There were no waste scenes, Sukumar’s screenplay was fantastic. Sukumar taught lesion for audience who had a  restrictions in their mind about commercial movie.  But, the intensity which was seen between hero and Villain’s  war was not seen in the emotion between the son and father. May be how villain cheated hero’s father was not shown and because of this emotion was not carried.  The emotion at climax scene was not that attractive as all said. Sukumar showed songs and dance as if it was a mass masala movie. Dono how people will connect with them, but it appeared as if songs are hurdles for the movie. Except for I wanna wanna wanna follow you song, rest all did not sink with the movie.

Cast Performance:

Once if we look at NTR’s 15 Years career and his movies and roles and then see this movie it will be shocking. He was so new in this. NTR tuned his self in Sukumar’s style and performed till the end in the same way. Than in emotion scene in  the climax, the scene between Jagapathi Babu and NTR sitting face to face, NTR”s action was awesome. His action was fantastic in the scene before interval. NTR showed his talent in his dialogues. Coming to Jagapathi Babu, he was awesome, there are no words to describe his performance.  We can atleast imagine someone else in NTR’s role, but we cannot dare to think of other in Jagapathi Babu’s role. If Jagapathi Babu is perfectly guided, he will perform best and this movie is an example for his talent. In every scene Jagapthi Babu showed his power and talent. Rakul Preet Singh did well and her dubbing was ok. She scored marks with her glamour. Madhu Bala showed her talent in that three four minutes. Rajendra Prasad did not have much chance to show his talent. Rajeev- Srinivas and others also attracted.

Technical Team:

Like in all the other movie’s of Sukumar, in this also his technical team showed their talent. Vijay Chakravarthi’s cinematography is highlight for the movie. DSP’s music was good, but till the end songs did not sink in the movie. Background music was good in few scenes, but in few he performed as if it was a mass movie. This was a bit disappointing. Production values were in peek. Complete movie was screened in abroad. Sukumar showed his brand and stamp on the movie. With every scene it is clear that this is Sukumar’s movie. After a disaster, Sukumar did not compromise he tried to come up with a special movie. Hats off Sukumar!!!

Rating: 3/5

Nannaku Prematho Movie Review :)