Cast: Akkineni Nagarjuna, Ramya Krishna, Lavanya Tripathi, Anushka, Nazar, Sampath, Hamsi Nandini, Anasuya, etc.,

Music: Anoop Rubens

Cinematography: P.S.Vinod Siddharth

Story: RamMohan

Screen Play: Sathyanand

Producer: Akkineni Nagarjuna

Direction: Kalyan Krishna

Nagarjuna always gets ready to give a chance for new directors. Soggade Chinni Nayana is directed by young director Kalyan Krishna and Nagarjuna produced this movie in his own banner. On last day in Sankranthi race this movie was released. This movie created sensation not only in Nagarjuna’s fans but also in other audience, let us see if it reached expectations or not.


Bangaru Raju belongs to a landlord’s family and he will die in an accident and goes to Hell. In hell also he will be romancing with girls. Meantime, his wife will be scolding him from earth and asks him to come back. Yama feels that this is Lord Shiva’s wish and extends his time and send his to earth. Bangaru Raju’s son Ramu is totally opposite to him. He will always be busy with his work. His wife Sita will be fed up with him and thinks to gets divorced from him. Bangaru Raju takes the responsibility of uniting his son and daughter in law. He even needs to save his full family from enemies. Rest of the story runs how he does all these.

Story Analysis:

Last year Nagarjuna came with Manam which was a blockbuster. Before this also he came with few movies. But, his fans are not satisfied. They were expecting an entertainer like Hello Brothers. In last few years Nag did not appear in such movies. Finally Nag came with an entertaining movie, Soggade Chinni Nayana. Nagarjuna is known as Romantic King. No other hero can beat Nagarjuna in performing romance on screen. He proved this again with Soggade Chinni Nayana. Nagarjuna rocked in Soggadu role. Except Bramhanandam no other comedian was there in this movie. There were no separate comedy tracks. Nagarjuna entertained audience with his romantic action. For this movie Bangara Raju’s role is attraction. Nag was totally involved in this role and attracted audience. Nagarjuna’s mannerism and romantic body language were totally different.  Audience could easily connect with this role easily. He entertained audience in every scene. Nagarjuna connected easily with lady characters. First half runs easily with Bangara Raju’s entertainment. In middle, Brahmanandam will entertain for some time.

In second half, the director focused on his responsibilities. This episode appears routine and we feel as if we are watching old movie. More over second half was dragged. Song which will appear when a bond is created between Ramu and Sita and this song is good. Climax was not bad. Second half was lengthy and entertainment was less. Over all this movie is a perfect family entertainer for Sankranthi. Both mass and class audience will enjoy Bangara Raju;s role.

Cast Performance:

After a long time Nagarjuna took the responsibility of complete movie. He performed well n both Bangaru Raju’s role and innocent Ramu. In Bangaru Raju’s role, people will be mesmerized with Nag’s performance. Ramya Krishna is other attraction for this movie. We cannot imagine any other heroine in Satya’s role. Her chemistry with Nagarjuna was awesome. In few scenes her action was so sentimental. Lavanya Tripathi was beautiful and her action was good. Nazar and Sampath performed well. Anasuya and Hamas Nandini appeared for few minutes. Anushka appeared for five minutes but her attire was not attractive.

Technical Team:

Anoop Rubens again gave sole full music for Nagarjuna. Every song was perfect. Songs screening was also good. But, background score was loud at times. Cinematography was also good. Production values were good, but editing was not good in second half. New director Kalyan Krishna did well. The way he screened Bangara Raju’s role was good and attracted.

This role is an old time kind of a role, which is not seen now a days. Even in movies we do not find it. Connecting such a character with audience is a challenge and this new director Kalyan succeeded in this. In second half was routine and this disappointed. Kalyan’s dialogues were also good. Satyanand’s screen play was ok.

Rating: 3/5

Soggade Chinni Nayana Review and Rating